Corporate Profile

Golden Destiny Group Quality Policy

In every field of activity the Group operates in, the high quality level of services, confidentiality, reliability and prompt response to its requests, remain for all these years top priority values for the company.

The Company's policy has as a main target to increase its returns by fulfilling its clients' requirements and by offering services always in line with the relevant legislation, the international standards and policies along with the shipping laws and common practice.

Guarantee for the company's continuous effort to offer high quality services and constant development is the creation and implementation of the GD QUALITY MANUAL based on the rules of the international standard for ISO 9001:2008, and is certified by an independent and reliable Organisation.

All of the company's employees, management and personnel, commit to comply with the responsibilities and operate under the guidelines that have been set and presented in the company's Quality Manual, with a mission to provide high quality services to the company's clients and in an effort for continuous upgrading.

In conclusion, the management commits to provide all of the necessary, human and non human, resources in order for the company to fulfil the quality and quantity targets (as have been described in the manual), operate at the level of services it demonstrates. Furthermore, the management commits to support & assist the Q. A. Manager to perform his responsibilities in order to guarantee that the GD Quality Manual is being correctly implemented.


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